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FINK:fostering design  2013


21 x 15cm


66 pages
full colour throughout
author Merryn Gates
edition of 250
ISBN 978-0-9808233-9-4

 Robert Foster established F!NK & Co. in 1993 after the success of his iconic F!NK Water Jug. F!NK designs are based on colourful, durable, anodised aluminium, and have reintroduced the material into high-end homewares, lighting and accessories. 

The much-loved and highly collectable F!NK products are characterised by an engaging reference to the way the objects have been made and how they will be used. F!NK & Co., as the name suggests, has nurtured a business model that incorporates other Australian designers, and each year new designs are introduced.

FINK: fostering design presents a comprehensive 

illustrated history of FINK products.