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Ron Meerbeek: The persistence of memory 2011 by

Ron Meerbeek: The persistence of memory  2011

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Set in the year 2223, in a future at once alien and

familiar, where all is illusory and nothing is as it

seems, Persistence of Memory is a beguiling fable of

enchantment and obsession, obscurity and revelation,

identity and death.

Part glittering detective story, part droll dissection

of the international art market, this haunting novella

explores the creative condition and the parasitic pact

between the buyer and the bought in a world where a

yearning for completion forever vies with a killing sense

of loss.

'Richly augmented with the writer-artist’s own

mysterious paintings, Persistence of Memory is an

astonishing exploration of what it means to die ... and

live again.'[David Kirkup]



21 x 14.8 cm

114 pages

full colour throughout

29 colour images

Author: Ron Meerbeek

Editor: Merryn Gates

limited edition of 250

ISBN 978-0-9808233-3-2

publication date October 2011