SFA Press    The little chook who ran away

The little chook who ran away 2014 by

The little chook who ran away  2014

17 x 14cm

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Ron Meerbeek is a London-based Australian painter, cartoonist and illustrator who has contributed cartoons to publications such as the Melbourne alternative magazine CROWD, The Fred (UK), and The Everything (Netherlands). His illustrations featured on album covers for Jo Jo Zep and the Falcons and The Sports, and he contributed to Positive Nation for many years. He exhibits in London and his works are in private collections around the world. In 2012 SFA Press published his first novel, The Persistence of Memory. 

Merryn Gates is a writer, curator and publisher, who, since 2012, has kept a small flock of chooks in her Canberra backyard. 

The little chook who ran away is based on a true story...

32 pages

full colour throughout 

author Merryn Gates

illustrator Ron Meerbeek

edition of 500

ISBN 978-0-9923936-0